Carnsore Wind Farm

Developed by Hibernian Wind Power Ltd


The Carnsore Wind Farm sits on a 200-acre site located at Carnsore Point, the most south-easterly corner of Ireland. The low-lying site is exposed to the high sea breeze on two sides as its bounded by the Irish Sea, and the Atlantic (Celtic Sea). The original planning approval was granted in June 2000. The original planning was for a period of 20 years from August 2002, which was when it was first commissioned. The new Life Extension planning application in 2021 will seek to extend the windfarms life by 15 years.

The wind farm's 14 turbines have a combined generating capacity of 11.9 MW. It can generate enough renewable electricity to power around 7,600 households a year.

Each year, the operation of Carnsore wind farm off-sets the emission of harmful greenhouse gases, such as 32,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), 430 tonnes of sulphur dioxide (SOˣ), and 100 tonnes of nitrogen oxide (NOˣ).