Carnsore Wind Farm

Developed by Hibernian Wind Power Ltd

Community Benefit

Community Benefit Fund

We at Hibernian Wind Power Ltd, want our investment in Carnsore Wind Farm to continue to deliver clear and lasting benefits in the communities in which it resides. We have been and will continue to be very active in our support of positive local initiatives and activities with the intention of helping the communities neighbouring Carnsore Wind Farm to become more sustainable. The wind farm community benefit fund is available to support projects that are aligned with local needs and opportunities such as the purchase of equipment, building or refurbishment work. Support for larger projects over a multi-annual basis may also be considered. The community benefit fund for Carnsore wind farm, which forms part of ESB’s overall portfolio wind farm community fund was established in 2014. The annual fund for local projects is €11,900. The wind farm has invested €95,200 from 2014 to 2021, on local community based projects.

Educational Opportunities

We also strongly believe in informing and educating people about the future of energy and the environment. We’ve run various educational programmes for schools and other interest groups within the communities surrounding our wind farms.

These programmes, run by our qualified engineers, range from wind farm tours to off-site presentations and workshops, covering all aspects of the wind industry.

If you would like to learn more about our wind farm educational programmes get in contact with us